Homesteading Skills for Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness

Increase your survival chances with the mad skills you'll need when the zombies arrive

About ZAP Studio

Homegrown eggs collected in cupped hands.

Creativity meets Practicality

Ceilidh Meo is the driving force behind ZAP Studio. She combines the lofty dreams, schemes and projects of an artist with the down-to-earth practicality of farming.

The "ZAP" in "ZAP Studio" stands for "Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness" and, while Ceilidh acknowledges that this is the least likely of all apocalyptic scenarios, it is also the one that many people spend the most time thinking about.

Everyone wants an awesome team to deal with the zombie invasion and most know who they would pick to cover the fighting side of the equation. But often, they completely forget that in order to survive, you need people who know how to save seeds, grow them, preserve the food, care for animals, spin yarn, make clothes, think creatively and get s@#$ done!

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Our Mission

At ZAP Studio, we aim to help people acquire the practical self sufficiency skills rapidly being lost as our population ages, and as we spend more time online and less out in the world.

The "U for Useful" file

Ceilidh is a lifetime learner and workshops teacher who lives off the grid has been gathering useful homesteading skills her whole life. She combines these with a passion for art and creativity.

These skills have been mentally filed away, safely stored for that day when she can share them with a new group of people to help us all survive the zombie invasion.

Download a copy of the Course Catalogue for the full "U for Useful" file list!

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